Hong Kong Port & Harbour

Hong Kong is strategically located, both in in relation to China and the neighbouring Asian countries.  It lies at the mouth of the Pear River Delta which is acting as a gateway to south of China.  

Being the junction of two different forms of maritime transport -the large ocean going vessel from the Pacific Ocean and the smaller, coastal and river trader craft from the Pearl River and other ports along the coast of southern China. 

Hong Kong is a free port. The trade policy of the Government of Hong Kong seeks a free open and multilateral trading system. Ship owning and management is a major activity within Hong Kong and and independent shipping industry registry is in operation.  There are now about 6 million gross registered tons of shipping on the Hong Kong Shipping register.

About 44,000 ocean going vessels entered Hong Kong last year.  On an average day there are almost 250 ocean going vessels working in the port; 1,300 ocean going and river trade crafts enter or leave the port; and about 10,000 crafts working and/or passing the harbour.  There are 5 oil terminals at Tsing Yi Island namely CRPC, Esso, Mobil, Caltex and Shell which can accommodate up to 16 tankers simultaneously.  Some tankers carrying vegetable oils and easy chemicals can be expedited at Kau Yi Chau Dangerous Goods Anchorage goods.  For tanker which LOA exceeds 195m has to stay at South Lamma Dangerous Goods Anchorage other than staying at above oil berths.


Hong Kong Office

Rm. 311, New East Ocean Centre,
9 Science Museum Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,


Telephone:  (852) 2528-9338
Main Fax:  (852) 2520-2509
Private Fax:  (852) 2529-0563


HK Agency Service: general@mtmm.com.hk
Protective Agency Service: protective@mtmm.com.hk
Accounting:  accounts@mtmm.com.hk

Contact Persons

Hong Kong Agency Service
Steven Suen - Operation Manager 94697620
Benny Chan - Boarding Officer 61413321
Nathan Hon - Boarding Officer 97528186
Angus Yip - Boarding Officer 94813140
Ruby Tang - Operation Assistant  
Protective Agency Service and HK Ship Registry
Johnny Lau 93097285
Admin. and Accounting
Bingo Lui - Director 91939703
YY Lui - Accounting Officer 98883188